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Hey ya’ll! I’m back again with another installment of Feature Fridays, and this time, it’s to talk about two of my favorite artists out right now. If you hadn’t noticed, I’m a bit of an Eric Roberson fan, and a bit of a Foreign Exchange fan. Who knew? Well, much to my enjoyment, the newest single off of Erro’s forthcoming album is called “Picture Perfect” and it features Phonte.  Now, I might be a little bit biased, but I actually don’t think that either one of them could ever make anything less than awesome music. I remember hearing the song for the first time when I was off from work, and Erro decided to do a ustream. Granted, we didn’t get to hear the whole song on the stream, but I knew from the little bit I heard that it would be a hit. Eric Roberson and Phonte on the same track? How could you go wrong with this?

To be honest, I’m a sucker for love songs. Maybe it’s the Libra in me, maybe it’s the hopeless romantic in me, or maybe it’s just that I’m generally a fan of songs about love. Either way, a good love song will have me in such a good mood, and just really introspective and really relaxed. This song definitely does not disappoint. Not only is it a great love song, it’s a song that can make a woman feel good about herself. I mean, how often do you hear that you’re picture perfect? Who wouldn’t swoon over that? I think I especially swoon over it because of my love of photography…let a man tell me I’m picture perfect, you’ll see this light skinned chick blush all over the place. ;-)

Eric Roberson feat. Phonte – Picture Perfect

One of the things I love most about the song is how smooth it is. From Eric’s singing down to when Phonte hops in with his verse and then starts singing, the entire vibe of the song is extremely smooth. It’s almost like I should be listening to this song while driving into the city for a date, or while sitting at a café table with a glass of wine and a plate of appetizers.  At the end of the song when Erro goes into what he’s jealous of, and why he’s jealous? *insert epic amount of swoonage here* It’s just such a sweet song, so smooth, so well-written, and just amazing all around.

Needless to say, I am too hype for his album to come out.  Whenever one of my favorite artists is gearing up for the release of their new project, I find myself extremely hype along with them. This fall is shaping up to be a great one music-wise! To my readers, what songs do you know that are just extremely smooth and sexy? This is definitely at the top of my list for now…

Until next time, folks…

4 thoughts on “Feature Fridays – Picture Perfect

  1. Bumblebee_C

    This is my first time visiting this site…and what caught my eye was LIBRA. But to see that the Picture Perfect song was featured made me hyped. I love both of them. And have been to a recent Foreign Exchange concert and it kicked butt. So kudos to the post.

    1. L Boogie

      :-) Thanks so much for stopping by! Glad to have you here, and I love both Eric Roberson and Foreign Exchange so much! Nice to have that in common.

  2. That Damn African

    Yup, heard this song a week or so ago. Quality. I could definitely see myself singing this to someone.

    “what songs do you know that are just extremely smooth and sexy?”
    Musiq Soulchild – Settle For My Love
    Anthony Hamilton – My First Love
    Raheem DeVaughn – Is It Possible

    Love each of these songs. Very chill, smooth, hip-hop/soul sound to them. And of course each of these artists have great voices that compliment the music.

    1. L Boogie

      You betta go on and have some girl swooning over you! ;-)

      And I agree with Musiq’s Settle for my Love…that thing just makes me want to sit and sway lol… I haven’t heard the other two, so I’ll have to go check them out!


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